The Mizue orthopedic clinic provides total therapy support for chronic pain, acute injury recovery and rehabilitation.

Message from the Clinic Director

I am committed to 4 categories of care for all patients.

1) Good communication: Clear and accurate explanation of symptoms and opinion.
2) Clear diagnosis: To provide a specific explanation of the illnesses.
3) Best treatment: Physical therapists will provide functional rehabilitation.
4) Good cooperation: To work in effective collaboration with surrounding hospitals.


Medical Areas Treated

Orthopedics,  Sports orthopedics,  Rehabilitation,  Rheumatism



Rehabilitation can improve functional daily life from stroke and injury.
It will be a therapeutic exercise, including machinery used to help alleviate symptoms.


Characteristic of our rehabilitation

1) Heart: We treasure our patient’s feelings above all the other things.
2) One-on-one treatment: We take charge of personal and thoughtful treatment courses.
3) Quality: We have extensive experience that allows us to share the highest quality treatment with all of our patients.
4) Good therapist: ・International PNF*assistant instructor (Only 10 instructors in Japan)
・International PNF certified therapist
・Insole made to order (Alignment adjustment, Evaluate pain)
・Technical aid planner (wheelchair, cane, bed)
*PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)

Access & Schedule

4-45-1 mizue Edogawa-ku
Tokyo , JAPAN   〒132-0011


 AM 9:00〜12:30
   ※(  〜12:00)
 PM 3:30〜 6:30
   ※(   〜6:00)
 ※ It will be the reception time of the patient of new patient,first visit(another part)
 (※1) Open at 9:00~12:30/15:30~18:30 to see a doctor but only
      Physical exercise and Electrical therapy can be available until 19:00.

      - About 2 min on foot from Mizue station (Toei-Sinjuku line)